Ok first off I'm unsure about my WR/TE situation. In our league we start 3 RE's per week (they can either be TE's and/or WR's).

I have Plaxico Burress, Andre Johnson, Laveranues Coles, Ben Watson, Chris Cooley, and Mr. Todd Heap.

I'm leaning torwards Burress, Johnson, and Coles; BUT Heap could be a slam dunk against the Raiders. I'm cautious with Heap because of his back. Watson is a possibility and Cooley seems to be a no-no. What do you guys think?

Also in starting 2 RB's I have it down to Rudi Johnson (def. starting) and either Ahman Green or Julius Jones (I'm leaning towards Green). Any suggestions?

Oh and on a side note, what would be the best 2 QB's out of these three:

Bledsoe, Brees, Pennington. I originally had Bledsoe and Brees but just waived Brees for Pennington. Something about Brees in NO seems to be weak, but I'm starting to second-guess my impulsive move! Also, Bledsoe's situation in Dallas seems iffy.