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    Re: Confirmed. Player introductions Sunday.

    Quote Originally Posted by section553
    I bet it will be the offense that gets announced. And McNair and the entire offense had more to do with that shut out then you are giving them credit for. They ate up a whole lot of clock and kept the defense fresh.
    The offense helped in the shutout but ONE DECENT, not great, performance, doesn't warrant the O getting introduced before the D. Period. Not only will it be the defense, it shouldn't even be a debate. You guys are looking at McNair and Heap and Mason, but forgetting that also includes the likes of Flynn, Pashos, Vincent, who won't get the kind of cheers that Gregg, Ngata, and Pryce will.

    I look forward to the O getting introduced vs. San Diego.
    ''You'd love to go on the first day but I'm glad for the situation I'm in,'' he said. ''Baltimore knows how to play defense.''

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    Re: Confirmed. Player introductions Sunday.

    Quote Originally Posted by camdenyard
    I hope he likes celery...

    LMAO! I still recall Misplaced Chiefs Fan when we chunked the celery at him...he took it well though...
    we aren't just loyal, we are obsessed. and we are violently so. we are baltimore, and we are the epitome of dysfunctionality.


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