Finally a writer steps up and writes the truth.
Many fans around the league were all over A-rod when he became a Yankee, or as they called him--Pay-rod. We heard all kinds of things like "How dare they pair him with such a great team."

But thats ok, Yankee fans gave him a chance.

The funny thing is guys like TheOrioleWay are infamous for doing this sort of thing. They Beat the guy down first because he is a Yankee then when the guy plays like shit (for the yankees) he then tries to start portraying a-rod (or whoever) as if he was a sacrificial lamb. Meanwhile TOW already has a t-shirt with A-rod in a Yankees uniform with a bullseye on his forehead or in some compromising position in his top dresser draw.

Give me a break, Arod hasn't won anything for anyone. He gets paid big bucks and plays well but he isn't even a difference maker. Sorry if we great fans have high standards. Win a title already.