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    Fun Slam Piece on the Slurs

    Article from Sportsline [link=]here[/link].

    A few selections:

    They looked so cute together in the owner's box the other night, didn't they? Cruise with his flaming brunette hairdo, dark sunglasses at night and Army Ranger security force, and Snyder with his bloated, overrated team. It's a match made in megalomaniac, Napoleonic-complex heaven.


    It was Monday Night Football, which meant eyeballing cameras, sweaty paparazzi, and a raucous, plucky arena. Snyder rolled out his new man-toy unable to resist the spotlight and jammed his box with other worshipping celebrities including Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Peter Pace (isn't there a war on?).


    Snyder has celebrity deficit disorder. He cares more about the hype and the stars than he does taking the time to patiently grow a successful football franchise. He cares more about squashing his critics in the media (he counterattacks writers through the team's official website) or trying to buy them off (he purchased his own fan website and radio stations). Snyder employees, I believe, pose as fans and blast media members on various message boards.


    SnyderBrenner is not an owner, he's P.T. Barnum. He doesn't care about football. He cares mostly about the stars and the spectacle and the political pundits who show up to play smoochy-face with him. The stars make him feel important, they make him feel taller.


    He will notice how the New England Patriots built a dynasty utilizing smart drafting, treating the salary cap with respect and making wise free agent selections based on real needs, not Q-rating. You don't sign Elvis. You sign Elvis Grbac. :grbac:

    [:grbac: added by author]

    Seems like a nice hit piece by a native Washingtonian. Good stuff. Have at it.

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    Re: Fun Slam Piece on the Slurs

    I thought that Snyder & Cruise were going to kiss & fondle each other. Didn't NBC have a better spot to point their cameras ?

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    Re: Fun Slam Piece on the Slurs

    There was a similar piece today in the Sun. I threw it away but bits of it were hilarious. I'll see if I can dig up a link.

    Here it is: Peter Schmuk

    Mission unthinkable

    Maybe Tom and Dan were brainstorming the screenplay for Mission Impossible 4, which I've heard involves a mysterious billionaire who pays the MI force to get the Redskins into the Super Bowl. The movie, like the first three in the series, will depend heavily on the cinematic concept known as "suspension of disbelief."
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