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    Play-by-Play Breakdown of 2006 Ravens Takeaways (complete thru 10/1/06)

    This is a new project I am working on. Please tell me if you think anything should be added, or if you think the scoring system is overweighted in 1 direction or another. I have 7 games completed, but time to enter only 4. I'll do the rest in the next few days. Sorry for the continual self-bumping of this post as I update.

    HMM...I can't update this past 10000 characters, and it's more than 22K long. The complete post is on YBR.

    I thought it would be fun to have a Turnover Points (TOP) system as well, and I have used the following system:
    5 points for all interceptions or fumble recoveries
    5 points for a forced fumble
    4 points for a tip that results in an interception (including 2nd tips)
    3 points for a hit resulting in an interception (QB or receiver)
    2 points for pressure causing the QB to rush on a play that results in an interception
    2 points for a good block on a return
    1 point for being in good convoy position, but not throwing a block
    0-5 points for distance on the return (5 automatically for a TD return of any length)
    2 points for making a lateral that generates additional return yardage
    2 Points (plus any applicable distance points) for accepting a positive-yardage lateral
    Up to 6 additional discretionary points for importance of the takeaway (season and game)
    Up to 3 additional quality points for particularly athletic or high awareness plays

    Tampa 9/10/06

    1. McAlister Interception returned 60 yards for TD
    2nd 14:45 2/13 TB 40
    Ravens brought 5-1 (total rushers, drops to zone) pressure with Thomas dropping into coverage. Sims felt pressure from Scott up the middle and Pryce from RDE. Sims pass was short of Galloway. McAlister was in eith zone, or very soft coverage of the slot. He peeled off his coverage to jump the route, tiptoe the sideline and return 60 yards, powering by Pitman, who was the only one with a shot at the tackle. Good team return as Lewis disposed of Galloway, Scott put a good block on Pitman, and AD and Ngata convoyed.
    Points: McAlister 10 + 2 importance (sealed the opener, IMO) + 2 quality for jumping someone else's route and staying in bounds = 14. Lewis 2, Scott 2, Ngata 1, AD 1.

    2. Ngata Interception returned 60 yards
    2nd 2:31 2/9 Bal 30
    Ravens rushed 5-0. Scott got good pressure up the middle and tipped the pass. Ngata showed excellent reaction, taking 2 steps to a ball that was only briefly in the air. "The return that could have been" featured great blocks by Scott, Landry, Reed, and Rolle. Ngata stepped out of bounds at the TB 9 after a 60-yard return. A lateral to any of the 3 defensive backs in his immediate vicinity would have gone for 6 with virtual certainty.
    Points: Ngata 5 + 4 distance + 1 quality for the excellent reaction to the ball = 10. Scott 6 (tip + block), Landry 2, Reed 2, Rolle 2.

    3. Reed Interception returned 3 yards
    4th 13:28 2/6 TB 45
    Ravens rushed 4-0 with Landry included, but did not get pressure. Reed, alone on Clayton on the right side, jumped the route for the pick and was down almost immediately. Points:
    Reed 5 + 1 for a good battle on the ball = 6

    Oakland 9/17/06

    I could not bring myself to award a single importance point to any of the 6 turnovers in this game.

    4. Suggs Fumble Reovery (no return)
    1st 9:04 3/7 Oak 37
    Brooks fumbled the snap. Suggs, playing 4 yards off the line of scrimmage (very unusual for 2006), pounced on the ball. Thomas also reacted to the ball, but was not nearly as quick. Points: Suggs 5 + 1 for exceptionally quick reaction from 4 yards = 6

    5. Gregg Fumble Recovery (no return)
    1st 6:32 1/10 Oak 39
    Brooks fumbled 2nd straight snap (he would be replaced by Walters on the next series). Gregg fell on the ball quickly to his right. Points: Gregg 5

    6. Lewis Interception returned 27 yards
    3rd 10:47 2/9 Oak 40
    Ravens rushed 5-0. Suggs got very mild pressure from LDE. Lewis tipped the ball to himself between the hashes. Moss was very slow to react, apparently because he wanted to be sure it was an INT before he made an attemp to tackle. Ray got up, and the entire Raven team was ahead of him throwing blocks as he returned down the left sideline for 27 yards. The camera angle was limited, but it appears a cutback or lateral was available. Landry, Reed, Oglesby, and McAlister all threw blocks. Points: Lewis 5 + 3 distance + 1 for the tip to himself = 9. Landry 2, Reed 2, Oglesby 2, McAlister 2.

    7. Gregg Fumble Recovery returned 59 yards
    3rd 0:53 2/7 Bal 19
    Ravens rushed 4-1. Suggs sacked Walters from RDE. Gregg had delayed recognition of the ball (as did everyone), while it sat on the ground behing C and LG, who were double-teaming Ngata. Gregg picked it up and "raced" 59 yards down the right side with good blocks from Ngata and Pryce. Lewis pried the ball from Gregg's hands, but was out of bounds as he did so, and was thus denied valuable lateral TOP points for future contract negotiations. Points: Gregg 5 + 4 distance. Suggs 5, Pryce 2, Ngata 2.

    8. Thomas interception returned 7 yards
    4th 13:09 1/10 Oak 35
    Ravens rushed 5-0 with Lewis and Scott, but did not get pressure. Walters pass was a 15-yard out, tipped by Oglesby and plucked out of the air by AD at midfield. The DB's set up very fast in convoy mode, but no one got off a block as Thomas was tackled by Oak TE Williams after a 6-yard return. Points: Thomas 5 + 1 distance. Oglesby 4 + 1, Reed 1, Landry 1.

    9. Prude interception returned 60 yards
    4th 1:27 1/10 Oak 25
    Ravens rushed 4-0, got no pressure, and received another unforced error from Walters. Bomb to Moss was along the left sideline. Prude had excellent man coverage while Moss contemplated the hit he might take if he went for the ball. Prude intercepted, looking like the receiver, and Moss was then put in the awkward position of having to make a tackle. Sapp threw a jarring block on Moss, while Prude raced across the field, being forced out on the right sideline. Blocks from Suggs and Reed (2) finished off this stat-padder of a game. Points: Prude 5 + 4 + 1 for singling Moss. Sapp 2, Suggs 2, Reed 4.

    Cleveland 9/24/06

    10. McAlister end zone interception (no return)
    4th 3:21 2/4 Bal 4
    Ravens rushed 6-0. Scott hit Frye as he released, but the trajectory of the ball was clean. McAlister was on an island with Braylon Edwards and somehow managed to jump the route with an acrobatic pick. He was downed immediately for the touchback that set up the Ravens game-wining drive to Stover's 52-yard FG. Points: McAlister 5 + 5 importance + 2 for single on Braylon and acrobatic nature = 12. Scott 2.

    11. Stills Fumble Recovery (no return)
    4th 0:05 1/10 Cle 25
    Browns now running out of time and needing a big play to get in FG range. Ravens rush 3-0. No pressure. Scott, with terrific coverage on Edwards tips the ball up in the middle of the field. Cribbs snags it mid-air for Cleveland in a dangerous, against-the-grain direction that might have resulted in a big play. However, Rolle closed quickly to tackle as cribbs extended the ball to try a lateral. Stills then hit him, jarring the ball loose. After a scramble, Stills recovered. Points: Stills 5 + 5 FF + 1 importance with games still in doubt in final seconds = 11.

    San Diego 10/1/06

    12. Scott Interception returned 24 yards
    1st 8:20 2/11 SD 33
    Ravens rushed 4-1 with Johnson dropping to zone coverage. No great penetration, but the pocket compressed slightly, which might have resulted in Rivers brushing the LG. Rivers threw towards Gates on the left side in triple coverage and was short. Scott leapt to pick the ball off and returned it to the 22 to set up the Ravens only score until the final seconds. AD and lewis convoyed, but missed their blocks. Ngata, Bannan, and Johnson each had a good block. Points: Scott 5 + 3 distance + 2 importance (quality of the opponent and playof implications) + 2 for the leap and impressive return. = 12

    And the all-important TOP standings through 4 games:
    McAlister: 26
    Scott: 22
    Ngata: 15
    Reed: 15
    Gregg: 14
    Suggs: 13
    Lewis: 11
    Stills: 11
    Prude: 10

    Denver 10/9/06

    Carolina 10/15/06

    New Orleans 10/29/06

    Cincinnati 11/5/06

    Tennessee 11/12/06

    Atlanta 11/19/06

    Pittsburgh 11/26/06

    Cincinnati 11/30/06

    Kansas City 12/10/06

    Cleveland 12/17/06

    Pittsburgh 12/24/06

    Buffalo 12/31/06

    Indianapolis 1/13/07
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    Great stuff as always...

    TL, you need to hire this guy!

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    Re: Play-by-Play Breakdown of 2006 Ravens Takeaways (complete thru 10/1/06)

    Don't apologize for bumping your own threads when you are adding this kind of insight and study. Great work and thanks.


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