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    Re: John Clayton on the "value" of the picks traded for McGahee

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    So as the preparation factor goes up, the luck factor goes down. You and I may not know anything about these nobodies hanging around in the third round, but for the pros like Ozzie & his crew, there is less luck then you might think.

    Sounds liek the definition of luck: The meeting of opportunity and preperation.

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    Re: John Clayton on the "value" of the picks traded for McGahee

    This deal made sense given the Ravens glut of comp picks this year and next. While I was somewhat shocked by the 2 thirds, in retrospect, it makes sense. If McGahee is the real deal and solves our longterm RB spot, it is a great deal. If he flops or is reinjured, it's not. I'm willing to bet that the Ravens did their due diligence and are very comfortable with Willis. I'm most excited about the extra dimension he brings to our offense. Welcome back, screen!! With our new focus on more athletic OL, this all makes sense. Less smash mouth and more innovative football!

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    Re: John Clayton on the "value" of the picks traded for McGahee

    After mulling it all over Iím jazzed about it. I think with the comp picks we have coming to us our losses are a wash and we ended up with a good, versatile back.
    I rarely get excited about our O but I think this may put a little more spark in out boyz when they have the ball (instead of the spark when we take the ball ala Turnovers )


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