the wiz is 24x7's resident fantasy football expert. His articles are carefully crafted with unparalleled detail. His work can be found in the Fantasy Forum and his flair for nostalgia also finds its way to other areas of ProFootball24x7. During the season on GAMETIME, the wiz boldly and accurately forecasts the upcoming weekend’s action and what it will mean to GAMETIME listeners who play fantasy football.

Wiz's passion for the game began in the 60's watching the Colts on TV and at Memorial Stadium. He began following the statistics of not only his beloved Colts but also those of the Colts opponents, with a keen eye on Vince Lombardi's Packers. His passion for and attention to statistical detail would eventually lead Kurt on a journey to the world of fantasy football in the late 1980's where he’s captured more titles than John Wooden’s UCLA Bruins

He carries a distinction that no other fan of the NFL can boast about. He is the reigning NFL National Trivia Champion and he credits his Dad for passing on such passion for the game, something Kurt also hopes to pass along to his 9-year-old son.

Welcome 'the wiz'. Prognosticate away!