I was just wondering who do you think the Ravens should next induct into our Ring of Honor? It's already a guaranteed lock that Ogden will be inducted in just a few short years, and so will Stover and Ray Lewis when their finished with their playing days. But in my opinion, I think there are a number of players who are deserving and aren't in... Rob Burnett (who's been with the team since they moved from Cleveland and without a doubt one of the greatest DL's in Ravens history), Rod Woodson (1998-2001, 3 time Pro-Bowler with Baltimore), and arguably Tony Siragusa (1997-2001), Jamie Sharper (1997-2001), and Jermaine Lewis (1997-2002, 2 time Pro-Bowler). What about current players who are deserving and are near the ends of their careers? Mike Flynn? Edwin Mulitalo? Personally, I believe all these guys are deserving. Each played huge key parts with their years with the Ravens and each showed class, professionalism, certainly skill, and each of the requirements for the Ring. I know this is a long list, but c'mon, you gotta admit that each one of these guys are much much more deserving than Earnest Byner.