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    Re: Ravens Say Goodbye To Edwin Mulitalo.

    I think Cleveland will try to sign him. It's bad enough to see Jamal go to C-choke but I don't think I could stand to see Edwin go there!

    Hopefully he will retire or resign with us.

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    Re: Ravens Say Goodbye To Edwin Mulitalo.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sports Steve View Post
    I am so sorry to hear this. This team is getting old very,very fast. This may push JO to retire now.
    Yeah, this was my second thought (first was of course “bummer dude”) but if ya think Those two played at each others side for eight years… If I were JO I would be doing some deep thinking…

    I always liked it When Ed use to go on 98Rock and play the ukulele
    Quote Originally Posted by festivus View Post
    Three words:

    Ring Of Honor.

    If it's not there for Ed, take it all down.
    So Say We All.

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    Re: Ravens Say Goodbye To Edwin Mulitalo.

    Mule was a great Raven on and off the field, he will be missed. At some point you have to part company when younger ,cheaper alternatives play at the same level or better.


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