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    Monday Night Live

    I just caught the tail end of it in the car but let me tell you it is some funny stuff from Ngata and Mulitalo about the INT with Nestor interviewing.If anyone knows when they will play it again let me know,I was in tears listening to Mulitalo describe how they were looking at pictures on the bench and someone yelled "Ngatas got the ball!!!!" Then when pressed about why he just walked out of bounds,he said "well really I think the fact that I couldnt feel the lower half of my body played a big role!!!" It was really funny stuff,with Mulitalo saying "get the man some oxygen" as he came off the field.

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    Re: Monday Night Live

    Add to that Mule's referring to Ngata as his "little brother." Haloti probably hasn't had the term "little" applied to him since he was in diapers.



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