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    Hey guys. Just wanted to give you the update. It's been a bit more busy this week than I anticipated. My mother, who was running for Harford County Council didn't make it on Tuesday. So I figured a day of consoeling and I would have the rest of the week free. But I spent the rest of the week brainstorming with her for the future. So I haven't been home a lot to make these video clips.

    Long story short, I'll be doing double duty this week. I'm getting ready to head to the stadium now, so over the week I'll have two weeks worth of video clips coming.

    Sorry for the delay guys.

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    Re: Video

    jong has put up the whole game

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    Any videos stinger

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    Yes yes! I'm getting them transfered from TiVo tonight. Tomorrow after Rosh Hashanah services I'll pick through them and get them up.


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