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    Re: 2007 Ravens & Compensatory picks

    We will get 4 comp picks, which is the max allowed.

    We lost Kemo, Weaver, Taylor, Demps, Zastudil, Dinkins, Wright and Chad Williams.

    The only UFAs that we signed were Bannan and Ivy. Pryce, Anderson and Still were all cut by their prior teams, so they do not count toward the comp pick calculation. Bannan/Demps and Ivy/Dinkins are washes. So, that leaves comp picks for Kemo, Weaver, Taylor and Zastudil. My guess would be 2 4ths (Kemo, Weaver), a 5th (Taylor) and a 7th (Zastudil).
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    Re: 2007 Ravens & Compensatory picks

    I don't know if there is a difference in signing players who have been cut, and those who are UFA. If there isn't, then I could see a fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh.

    Remember that we're always ticked about getting screwed over on the comp picks.
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