I cannot stand Nasty and of course he made alot of this about him but the protest did do something.

What that is isn't really tangible but for as many news outlets to cover it as there were, it made some noise.

BTW, Anita Marks is so horrid that Im now embarassed for her. I would LOVE to see her ratings now. I happened to turn on MASN and her show was on. Seriously, is that show a spoof?

I caught Bob from Parkville today on Rob Long and he went crazy on her. I guess she says that the O's cannot afford a 100 million payroll. Bob pointed out that they had a 100 million payroll in 96 and now have more revenue with MASN.

The O's have fallen so far it's astonishing. Im not surprised at anything anymore when it comes to this franchise and it's moronic owner.

It's not about just the spending. Look around the league and look at what teams have much smaller payrolls than us yet still have MUCH better records. Yes, competing with the Yanks and Sox makes it harder but there is absolutely no imagination or pride with the Orioles. THAT is why they are mired in this streak of losing seasons. And it's never gonna change with this owner. Never. I mean, any owner who had even minimal brainwaves would've reversed this slide years ago.