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Thread: WNST Pity Party

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    Re: WNST Pity Party

    If work means having your boss stand up and talk about how many back stage passes he's had for concerts, how many women he's scored, how many athletes haven't been nice to him and how this poor deprived child from Dundalk who didn't like his birth parents or grandparents could "only" go to 40+ baseball games per season, then by all means, do all the work for me.

    If you aren't interested, why bother to even chime in about it? You've made your point, you don't like Nestor. Enough said.

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    Re: WNST Pity Party

    Actually Birdbrain, the "repetition" you speak of is this:

    Orioles in '98 - losing season
    Orioles in '99 - losing season
    Orioles in '00 - losing season
    Orioles in '01 - losing season
    Orioles in '02 - losing season
    Orioles in '03 - losing season
    Orioles in '04 - losing season
    Orioles in '05 - losing season
    Orioles in '06 - losing season

    I accepted it in '98. Figured it would take a year or two to get better.
    I took it in '99 and '00. Started to get concerned in '01. Thought, "it can't
    get worse than this, can it?" in '02 and '03. Started to get frustrated in '04,
    got downright fed up in '05 and now, I'm ready to say, "I've had enough" in '06.

    The efforts of the rally next week ARE going to matter. I guarantee it.

    They're going to matter to US.

    Do you go to the gym Birdbrain? Do you work out? If so, why? Do you think those efforts at the gym matter to anyone else? They don't. But they matter to YOU.

    The rally will matter to me and anyone else that goes and that's all that matters. If the Orioles are satisfied with losing games and losing fans at an all-time record pace, that doesn't mean that WE have to be satisfied with it.

    What would you and the rest of the people on 24x7 do if the Ravens suffered a similar plight? Would you sit around with your thumb up your backside or would try to let the franchise know you're not satisfied?

    When I wrote, "we'll do your work for you", what I should have written was, "we'll take your balls and carry them to the stadium with us next week and then we'll give them back to you when the game's over."

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    Re: WNST Pity Party

    Since when does sleeping with the enemy require balls?

    You know if you went to Ruth's Chris and they served up lousy food and bad service, would you go back? If you say that Angelos is delivering a bad product and service, why are you buying his product? Isn't a boycott the ultimate message? That's how I protest the losing and the inadequacies of the Orioles from top to bottom.

    Go ahead and take your balls...take mine too.. I appreciate the offer. And when you return them, I'll return your mind to you because obviously you've lost yours if you think this rally will do anything to Angelos except give him a good hearty laugh.

    The laugh will be on WNST and its sponsors. Hey I have a new slogan for your station, WNST, the station with balls. Oh that's right, you've used that one already. How about this one, WNST, the station with balls and no brains.

    Maybe we should begin protesting WNST's rotten signal. Hey, how about this protest? "Sell WNST!" And to help entice you to do that, I'll advertise my business on your station. Gee that makes sense and it sure does show some balls!

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    Re: WNST Pity Party

    Business/economics not your strong point, huh Bbrain?

    If my meal at Ruth's Chris isn't good, I don't stop eating steak. I just find some other restaurant to patronize. There are 100 steak places in Baltimore.

    There is not another baseball team in Baltimore. You from around here? There's the Orioles and nothing else.

    Some disgruntled fans have taken their summer baseball money to Bowie,
    Aberdeen, Frederick, etc., but Jeter, Thome, A-Rod, Ortiz, Delgado, etc. don't play in those minor league cities. They visit BALTIMORE. If you want
    major league baseball in Baltimore, you go to Camden Yards.

    So sure, you can just NOT go, which 30,000 people (including me) are doing just about every night when the O's are at home. That hasn't worked well. Attendance is dropping every year and the team is still non-competitive and the city is more disassociated with the club now than ever before.

    And after a while of not going, you eventually miss it to the point where you say, "Gee, I wonder if we should be trying some other method of letting the
    owner know how disgruntled we've become?" Hence, September 21.

    Let's now end this back-and-forth crap. Post one more flamer at me, try another illogical comparison about why we're wrong for rallying, and then let's move on to talking about the Ravens impending 34-3 win over the Raiders.

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    Re: WNST Pity Party

    The competition is for entertainment dollars. If I'm not entertained by the Orioles and I feel the apathy that I do, I take my entertainment dollars elsewhere, like Aberdeen or Frederick as you suggest. If I want to see ARod or Jeter, I think there's a good chance I'll get plenty of that on Sportscenter. I have alternatives for my entertainment dollar -- my discretionary income. This isn't an oligopoly.

    So your steak analogy misses the mark and apparently you missed economics class about as often as Daniel Cabrera misses the strike zone.

    So there's my flamer...

    And finally, we agree on something although I see the score as 24-3

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    Re: WNST Pity Party

    I have to say that the morning crew at WNST was dead on point this morning. What is even more horrible is that the MASN "money" does not make a bit of difference. Peter Angelos does not believe ballplayers should make the money they are commanding and thus won't pay. Angelos wouldn't pay 14.5M for Roy Oswalt because he works "once every five days?" What an idiot Angelos is.

    Basically, we are being forced to pay an extra 2 dollars to see MASN (which I have not been impressed with, by the way), and Angelos won't use that money to bring in top flight players. He will only pay for players within the range HE deems as appropriate for a major league player to make. In other words, forget about Soriano, Texieria, and Carlos Lee. Forget about Barry Zito. Get ready for Jose Cruz, Jrs of the world to further pollute this team.

    Lastly, they Ruthschris analogy was dead on point. As one that is a lover of fine foods, I expect to pay high prices for QUALITY food. Folks will pay money for a quality product regardless of the price.

    In short (because I have to get back to work), this Angelos interview just shows that the Orioles will flounder in last place until Satan calls Angelos home. It does not matter, because all Angelos cares about is "being right." What an idiot!
    It's a new season! It's a new day!

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    I've not read this whole thing but I hope the debate was civil. This is not the old site or the Sun board. I'll read the whole thing on Friday.

    df- You have my support. Anyone who takes on that miserable little Lawyer is ok by me. If I were in Balt I'd be there on the 21st. And like I've said numerous times, it isn't really the losing. It's the way the Baltimore Base Ball Club has been destroyed and stripped of class. The Orioles that I fell in love with as a kid, when my poor grandfather would schlep to the Memorial Stadium gates 2 hours before they would even open, are no more. It is a truly sad day when an Owner can ruin even the best of memories.

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    Re: WNST Pity Party

    Angelos saying that "the fact that people are telling him they want Baltimore on the road jerseys sort of influences his decision to do nothing about it", is all I needed to hear. This guy will spite his home fans just to say "I'm the owner, I make the decisions". Pure asshole.

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    Re: WNST Pity Party

    The Moon today was pretty good. Nestor actually focused on the issues at hand and went over some history of the Ravens coming into town and how they did everything right whereas the Orioles have done everything wrong in terms of fan relations (and just about everything else for that matter). Gotta give credit where credit is due.

    I don't know if I am coming out early but I will try to come to the game.

  10. Re: WNST Pity Party

    I'm constantly surfing during my 20 minute drives to and from work.
    Nothing makes me change the channel faster than hearing that "angry boob from Parkville".

    Good Lord, this dude needs to get a life. It seems he's on every station, every day.
    He sounds like that mouthy little kid who isn't allowed to hang with the big kids.
    His voice gets shaky and he always sounds like he's either ready to have an aneurysm or break out crying.
    His "lecturing tone" he can shove up his @$$, he ain't good sports radio regardless if he eventually makes a good point! I change the channel.

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    Re: WNST Pity Party

    haha, good old Bob from Parkville.

    Apparently he has been calling radio stations for years. He probably never leaves the house and gets food from the sisters of the poor.

    Call in sometime and call him out over the air, thats always fun. He'll be sure to call in and get the "shaky voice" when firing back at you. Good times. The other day when he called Haney and shockingly started to talk about the great John Unitas then someone else followed up with another Unitas story. I almost called in and to talk about the time John rescued those orphans from a burning building and cured polio, all in the same day.

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    Balto_Ron....because you think so??

    Did I strike a nerve? (touchy)
    Sorry to offend your mature sensabilities.???


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