My role isn't to defend Nestor and his position on the O's, his "story" that airs every day and his lifestyle, which many of you seem to be attracted to in a weird kind of way. Nestor can defend himself quite well. If you have an issue with him, personally (or professionally), e-mail him through the station's web-site and he will most certainly respond with a personal reply.

My role is identifying stories and/or topical elements within the sports world that I feel are worthy of discussing on the air, either with Terry directly or, as we did today, with listeners who wish to call in and either agree or disagree. I felt, after reading numerous sites and message boards, that people's views of the 9/21 rally were not founded on simple marketing strategies and/or promotional concepts. Most people's views - proven true after reading this thread - are founded on their dislike or personal agenda against Nestor. And while that is certainly well within your rights, it's also well within my rights to question YOUR agenda on the air and wonder out loud if you have any idea how the real world works. This is what we do. We put our finger on the pulse of the sports community and make observations about its behavior. We do the same with the players, regardless of the sport. We watch them play and we make observations.

In the same way you and your friends watch the Ravens and write (or call) something to the effect of, "Kyle Boller sucks...what the hell was Jamal Lewis doing today?...Billick doesn't have a clue...", I do the same thing with you and
other team related message boards like O's Hangout.Com (example). If you
author a reply to a 9/21 rally-related thread and I don't think you have the foggiest idea what you're talking about, I'm apt to comment on it and/or reply to that message. That's my right. Just like you have the right to turn the dial or not listen, I have the right to read and comment.

Someone e-mailed me and said they were offended that I called them out on the air today (using their alias or "sign-in name"). Well, what the hell else do I call you? These wrestling-like nicknames that people use to hide their identity makes it easy to post without any real form of accountability and it also serves as the only mechanism for someone like me to refer to you if I choose to do so on the air. So when I read a message board (not just this one, but any board) and determine someone's position is worthy of on-air discussion, I refer to them in the only manner I know how -- by seeing what their log-in name is. Right?

It's funny. I've mentioned this site and O's Hangout and other fan-based message boards and individual posters on a number of occasions and when I applaud the specific writer or the site, I receive a number of e-mails thanking me for "giving us our due". But when I criticize someone's position...all hell breaks loose and the keyboard jabbing begins.

Any of you are welcome to call the show tomorrow morning starting at 6:07 am or any other morning for that matter and provide your thoughts on the air.