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    a little fun ~ list a draft you'd like for the Ravens

    Alright, he's the deal, you can pick through round 5.

    Assuming 2 round 4 comp picks and 1 round 5 comp. This is just for fun, feel free to rant and rave against my picks if you want, but please be kind to others. Basically get some discussion going to see what everyone thinks. No trades at the moment)

    round 4 comp 1
    round 4 comp 2
    round 5 comp

    ER's fun times
    #29: Arron Sears (OT Tennessee) if taken, Chris Houston CB Arkansas
    #61: Ika Alama-Francis (DE/DT Hawaii)
    #92: Tony Hunt (RB Penn state)
    round 4 comp 1: Nate Harris (ILB Louisville)
    round 4 comp 2: Kevin Kolb (QB, Houston)
    #156: L'ron McClain (FB, alabama)
    round 5 comp: Yamon Figurs (WR, Kansas State ~ as #3/4 WR and return prospect)

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    Re: a little fun ~ list a draft you'd like for the Ravens

    #29 - I have absolutely zero idea right now, every gut instinct says trade down to me and try and get another pick in the 35 to 70 range where I think there's the best value this year.

    #61 - The only guy I already know I want - Baraka Atkins - DE - Miami Fl

    #92 - Wanted Antonio Pittmann or Chris Henry but with rumours of Jamal coming back this may be unlikely.


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