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    Re: Ravens Video Clip Update!

    Nothing that my wife will ever have to know, right?


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    Re: Ravens Video Clip Update!

    stinger i have a question for you

    Thanks to another poster (jonathon grossman) on here i finally got the Ravens-Packers game on my computer. (this was my first ever game so i want to remember it)

    I want to burn it on to a DVD, i ahve a DVD burner but it's in WMV format, how can i convert it to Mpeg

    any help would be appreciated

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    Re: Ravens Video Clip Update!

    You need DVD burning software to do it. Any number of different programs you can find both online and in stores. Most of them will import WMV.

    And I'll be starting my video clips in about 30 minutes.

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    Re: Ravens Video Clip Update!

    any suggestions on programs, any freeware out there that will work?

    If not what do you recommend

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    Re: Ravens Video Clip Update!

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    Re: Ravens Video Clip Update!

    I don't know of anything freeware.

    Ok, one video is up for game two. It's all I can do at the moment and I'll work on more tomorrow. But it's a good one!

    I call it, The McNair to Mason Connection!

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    Re: Ravens Video Clip Update!

    what programs would you recommend then

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    Re: Ravens Video Clip Update!

    Pinnacle Studio 9 is a good program. It came with my capture card but I think they sell a better version of it in stores. It not only brings in WMV and makes DVD's with it, but you can make menus and titles too.

    When the Ravens season starts in earnest I'll get the 30 minute replay from DirecTV Superfan and put 3-4 on a DVD at a time. That's the PLAN anyway. :)

    But that's what I use.

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    Re: Ravens Video Clip Update!

    If you're going to watch it on the computer, Just burn the .wmv file to a disk. Almost any plyer will play back wmv files, even Media Player. :) If it has to go on a standalone player, you'll need special software. There are free ones. Do a Google.


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