Newsletter for May 2010.

I thought Id get something out as its been too long between newsletters. Ive been very busy with the rugby team I coach and I guess the rest of you are all off doing other things. I know the Ravens are never far away from our thoughts so - keep counting!

All time low
Someone will have seen these guys before, but it was a complete shock to me when I was flicking music channels and spotted a Ravens logo on their drum kit. There is also another shot of the lead singer wearing a Clayton shirt. I actually really like the music:
Lost in Stereo =
Further research on you tube found this:
Ravens Chant =

To Katie and Gordon on the announcement of their engagement.

Well done to Newcastle (Ben Ms team) and West Brom (Chriss team) for bouncing back to the premiership. Pity it was at the expense of Forest.

Baltimore Trip 2010.
The NFL schedulers need punching! I can not believe how unfriendly they have been to us. Despite this there are plans to get to games this season. As the closed season progresses Ill update you with who is going and when, but here is what we have so far:
@Jets, Monday September 13th. Gordon, Katie & Toe - confirmed.
@ Bengals, Sunday September 19th. Toe - provisional.
Browns, Sunday September 26th. Niall - provisional.
Broncos, Sunday October 10th. CB99 (new contact) - provisional.

Also remember that Morrissey (new contact) is in the States (Boston area) for the early season and may look to link up.