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    Re: Jarrett Johnson signed?

    We'll still be a Top 5 D without AD. The key is do we improve the offense to make up for it? I think we will as long as JO doesn't retire! One year ago nobody thought Ovie or Pashos were any good. Ozzie will upgrade the offense wait and see.
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    Re: Jarrett Johnson signed?

    JJ is a fine complimentary player. He can play DE or OLB. That said...3 years at $13M is a bit much for him. If some team offers JJ an insane contract, the Ravens have Dan Cody under contract. They can draft a linebacker to compete. It's the system not the player. To me, the contract is too much money for an average player.

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    Re: Jarrett Johnson signed?

    That said...3 years at $13M is a bit much for him

    It isn't. Look at the contract since the new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

    The entire thing has changed. There are less FA's as teams are better at managing the cap. And with less FA's and more cap room, free agents get paid a lot more. 13M for 3 Years was probably a steal.

    Look at what Mughelli is getting paid by the Falcons.

    it comes down to the new cap, and less marquee FA's in the available pool.

    I'm glad we kept JJ and I think that while AD isn't replaceable, that JJ will come into his own as a force that can put pressure, cover, and comeup in run support.


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