Thought is was prudent to start a thread on this, with it being four days away and all.

Firstly - roll call - who is coming? Idea is dinner (some place with good crabcakes and steaks) then drinks in Fell's Point area.

Secondly - where for dinner? Greg knows a good place near Linthicum (about 15 mins drive from town), for which I didn't save the damn link so he'll have to remind me the name - but we'd need to figure out transportation for the UK lot who don't have a car. An option may be Light Rail to Linthicum and have people collected at the Light Rail stop. Alternatively, we could eat Downtown - for which I'd recommend either Nick's Fish House or Obrycki's.

I'm organizing the pub crawl and, as stated above, would think Fell's is a good bet. The Slurp (Oyster) Fest is on this weekend, so we may be able to catch a live band or two while we're down there.

Please post here with ideas for a fun night, and if you're coming or not.