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    Non-Ravens. Bly to Denver

    The Lions trade Bly to Denver for Tatum Bell, George Foster, and a 5th round selection in 2007.

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    Re: Non-Ravens. Bly to Denver

    Denver is another team with a first rate front office. Very nice move for them. It will of course be a total disaster for Detroit, who will use the extra draft pick to take a wide receiver bust, and Foster will turn out to have a torn tricep, and Bell will turn out to be a product of the system.

    But kudos to Denver.

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    Re: Non-Ravens. Bly to Denver

    Just in... Plummer to the Bucs.No compensation announced. This was on TV on Cold Pizza.

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    Re: Non-Ravens. Bly to Denver

    According to KFFL, the Bucs got Plummer for a 4th-rounder

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    Re: Non-Ravens. Bly to Denver

    According to Plummer decided to retire instead of accepting the trade to tampa.....
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    Re: Non-Ravens. Bly to Denver

    Jeez what a slap in the face to Tampa.

    Im still not sold that he is gone, I think he could be pulling a Seau.
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    Re: Non-Ravens. Bly to Denver

    Hearing rumors the Bell to Det trade opens up Denvers interest from last year in Jamal. That is place he could definately bounce back with a big year.


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