It took about 10 minutes for me to compose myself when Ngata was running that ball. Big props to him. What a confidence booster. You can see the impact that Ngata will have on this league in a year or two.

As for the rest of the game, what is there to say? Total Raven Domination. We were clicking on all cylinders.

Big props to the OL. They may not have open huge lanes for our runners, but the fact that Simeon Rice and that front seven were a non-factor is a credit to those OL guys.

Can you imagine once McNair is clicking with the offense? You could still see where McNair is learning his guys. He overthrew Clayton several times including one pass that Clayton could have taken to the house. I believe he overthrew a wide open Heap as well.

Demetrius Williams had one catch for 9 yards, but you can see the talent in that kid.

Dwan Edwards showed up on a couple of plays. Edwards is showing value as a reserve-rotation DT.

If Jarrett Johnson catches that INT, we win 34-0.

Ray was sick on today and so were Suggs and Scott.

CMAC and Reed were amazing. Our defense is scary!

It seemed that we were more conditioned to play in that heat than the hometown Bucs. Kuddos to Billick and his practices during the heat this past Summer.

Sam Koch was amazing during punting on today including a booming punt from close to our endzone that went way back to the 20 yard line of the Bucs.

Bring on the Raiders!