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    Exclamation Can't Miss Radio!!! Sunday 11am - 1pm On Am 1300

    My 2 hour conversation with Eric DeCosta on Friday will be played in it's entirety unedited on March 4 from 11 - 1PM on AM 1300. Eric walks us through the entire organization and describes in detail the philosophy behind a changing roster, how the team might improve the running game, the in exact science of the NFL draft, if Ernest Byner belongs in the ROH and much more. We were also joined by Eric's wife Lacie who provides some insight into what families encounter while living the NFL lifestyle.

    If you can't pick us up on your AM dial, the show will be STREAMING

    I hope you tune in on Sunday which will be our new time slot at least through August -- Sundays 11AM to 1PM on AM 1300. Other than this week, we will always be available to take your call.
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    Re: Eric DeCosta on GAMETIME Friday Night 7-9PM

    Peter Angelos here! No questions for any management types in the Balt Area!!! I forbid it! I see Tony is following my wishes! No phone calls or I'll sue!!! And don't forget PLENTY of O's tix are available! Just call my buddy Matt Dwyer, he'll hook you up!! And Tony any time you need me for an interview I'm a very available individual anytime you need to speak with me I'm more than happy. There's plenty of time for everyone!
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