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    Re: 2010 Ravens Draft With and W/O Mason

    What makes you think that Tampa wants to trade for our number 1

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    Re: 2010 Ravens Draft With and W/O Mason

    Quote Originally Posted by jonboy79 View Post
    I see this as a BAD first round, and a great 2nd through 5th or 6th round... Besides the pair of DT's, It's really week at the top. QB, HB and WR are particularly thin at the top, IMO.
    You're kidding, right? This is widely being called the best first round for prospects since '83. Take all the guys from last year's draft and throw them in this year's draft (prior to their actual play LDO) and there'd be maybe four or five of them that would be first round picks. Maybe.

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    Re: 2010 Ravens Draft With and W/O Mason

    Quote Originally Posted by baltimore_hokie View Post
    If you are talking about gathering as many 2nd or 3rd rounders as possible, I'm all for that. Picking up a 5th rounder in exchange for moving out of the first round? I don't see it.

    I am looking at last year's class having no one after the third round stick on the roster. I see just as few spots up for grabs this year.

    If I was running the Lions or taking over a new team (thus looking to infuse the roster with "my type" of players), I would be all over that type of deal. I don't see it being in the best interest of the Ravens, however.
    Essentially we are moving from 25 to 35 and getting a 4th and a 5th for it. This assuming the guys we target dont fall to 25. The second trade allows us to move back up, thus getting quality over quantity. 4 or 5 solid picks for this team are better then 6 or 7 picks because later ones may not make it so i agree from that standpoint. I threw this scenerio out as a option but as long as we leave the draft with a solid DE, TE, CB, and WR im fine with it, however its done.


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