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    Aug 2006
    Mt. Arrogance in the middle of the .11 rolling acres of The Windbag Estates

    Are they going to put an "Away Game" forum up here??? I travel with the Ravens at least once a year and always get great info from everyone posting and getting organized.
    Ask and you shall receive.

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    Well, this place looks nice, although it will take a little getting used to. But seeing Greg's attack on Carrier Heat Pumps makes me feel right at home.

    Thanks for the invites, guys. I hope we can keep things civil, witty and not so ridiculously redundant!

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    Aug 2006
    Southeast England,where the only Raven flag flutters.
    Good start,forgot to say hi.

    One request,get Sephy's overhere.We be needing Gamethreads yes.
    Put the smile back on your face.This is a 60 minute ball game.

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    Hey Tony, the new site and message board looks great. Best of luck with everything at 24x7.


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    Guys and gals.

    Are you all going to post exclusively on this board or post on YBR as well.

    Just wondering if it's worth even going back over there.

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    Aug 2006
    Manchester, Maryland
    We're kinda bouncing back and forth at the moment but that will probably change soon. Just keep checking and you'll figure it out. ;)
    Screw 'em all

    Proud Member of BASH - Baltimore Association of Steeler Haters

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    Mesa Arizona
    Can't speak for anyone else but I'll be here exclusively. I had already pretty much stopped posting over there, it just wasn't worth the hassles.

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    I'll be going back and forth. YBR used to be the first site it got on every morning; it was almost part of my daily routine. Within time, this will be my main site.

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    This is going to take some getting used to. We old dogs have a hard time learning new tricks.

    Besides, my feelings are hurt that I didn't get a formal invite until today.

    Still, it's good to see so many "old friends".

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    Oh, I have a do I get Insiders not to renew my subscription next year?

    If everyone is over here, I'm not going to pay them.

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    Aug 2006
    Foggy Bottom, DC
    I figure I'll be bouncing back and forth. At least until this place becomes the definitive hub for information. I had a reinforcement today of how bad YBR has gotten was when I made a simple post saying that I thought Ogden's weight gain will be a relative non issue and I got personally attacked.

    Without all of us that board is going to implode.

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    Aug 2006
    Catonsville, MD
    Peter Boulware may be retired, but PeterB58 is in the house.


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