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    What Stadiums Have You Been To?

    I'm bored in the football doldrums, and curious about the others on this board: how many and what stadiums have you been to? The best? The worst? The best overall away experience?

    For me, I've been to eight: New England (twice,) Miami (twice,) New Orleans (three times including the BIG ONE,) Tampa, Detroit, Arizona, DC, and Atlanta.

    The best stadium I've been to is Tampa just for the pirate ship and the area around it. But we are going to JerryWorld this year and Lambeau next, so I'm betting one of those will be my new top.

    The worst is easily that crap-hole in DC. It's an easy trip for an away game, and it's still not worth it. Honorable mention to the crap-hole in Atlanta, but at least they are replacing that thing.

    The best away experience is and will always be New Orleans. The stadium kinda sucks, but it's located in walking distance in such a great city. The only prayer of ever surpassing it is if the Raiders move to Vegas -- and even then it's going to take a great location and a great stadium to do it.
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    Re: What Stadiums Have You Been To?

    Only Memorial Stadium/M&T Bank (season ticket holder, baby) and the Meadowlands. I was in the end zone of the Meadowlands in '04 when the great Kyle Boller hit the even greater Clarence Moore in the final moments against the Jets to seal the victory. My friends who are Jets fans were none too happy, but I celebrated.

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    Re: What Stadiums Have You Been To?

    Are we only counting stadiums attended for NFL games?

    If so . . .
    Jacksonville - eh.
    DC - Craphole.
    Tampa - SB 35
    New Orleans twice. SB 47 and our last away game there on a Monday night
    Atlanta - eh.
    Carolina twice - Not bad.
    3 Sewers twice - 1999 and 2000. They don't call it 3 Sewers without reason.
    Sun Devil stadium twice in Phoenix - eh.
    Vet Stadium when we didn't have a team - bad

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    Re: What Stadiums Have You Been To?

    FedEx Field
    Superdome Superbowl 47
    St Louis
    Dallas (old stadium).
    and of course M&T and Memorial.

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    Re: What Stadiums Have You Been To?

    Fed Ex and whatever they're calling the stadium in Nashville these days. Planning on doing Lambeau and KC in the next few years.
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    Re: What Stadiums Have You Been To?

    Jacksonville once (worst so far)
    Tennessee once (3rd favorite, but only because I had to park in a legit landfill looking lot for $20 right next to the stadium)
    Carolina twice (2nd favorite so far, and it's not all that great but it's clean)
    Baltimore 3 times (best, and not because I'm a Ravens fan, but I just love the area there and especially further down by the Inner Harbor)

    Haven't been lucky (or unlucky depending on the place I guess) enough to go to any others yet. Been a couple of years since I've attended a game.

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    Re: What Stadiums Have You Been To?

    My list kind of sucks.

    Of course M&T and Memorial.

    3 Rivers twice (once was a 49er game)- It was a hideous stadium from the cookie cutter dual purpose era.

    RalJon twice- terrible stadium and biggest dick fans around. Much worse than Steeler fans.

    RFK (also a 49er game) - so much better atmosphere than RalJon. It was amazing how that stadium actually did rock. Fans weren't so dickish because it was a 49er game. They have a real hard-on for looking down on Baltimore, which is why I will never support any DC team and wish them all nothing but misery.

    Let's be honest, football stadiums generally suck. I'm not even a big fan of M&T. I got rid of my PSL's and watch from home now. It's always so cool to walk into Camden Yards. It just feels special. A football stadium, outside of maybe Green Bay, can't match that.

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    Re: What Stadiums Have You Been To?

    Not that many for me

    Patriots stadium 3 times. I liked it but the fans were douchey
    Fedex and the old RFK
    Titans stadium a couple of times, nice venue, nothing special but friendly folks
    M&T many times

    Moved down south and went to an Ole Miss game and afternoon in the Grove, what an experience.
    Went to a Tennessee game with 108,000+, also an unreal experience
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    Re: What Stadiums Have You Been To?

    Ah yes, that Dead Zone for NFL Fans that encourages unique discussions. This had me trying to think about the travels in the name of U.S. Football :

    Tampa Bay
    Indianapolis (Old Version)
    Green Bay
    Minnesota (Metrodome)
    New Orleans
    San Francisco (New Version)
    San Diego

    and Memorial Stadium and Ravens/M&T Bank.

    Am going to Dallas for the new stadium, and was in the Old One for a High School Playoff Tournament just to see inside.

    There are a couple on my "No Visit" List, but I hope to have a chance to get to see most of them in my lifetime.
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    Re: What Stadiums Have You Been To?

    Looiser Dome
    New Mile High
    New Orleans
    Old Sun Devil
    New England

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    Re: What Stadiums Have You Been To?

    Fed EX Dump Washington
    Old Dallas Stadium
    Houston - Reliant
    Miami (several times)
    Old Giants Stadium
    Pittsburgh (Severa times)
    San Diego (twice)
    New Orleans (Super Bowl 47)
    Tampa Bay
    Tennessee (twice)
    Kansas City
    Denver (twice)
    Old San Fran

    Best - Tennessee. Great music and very friendly fans.
    Runner Up - KC. Best barbecue and friendly fans.

    Worst - Fed EX Dump. It's the worst experience ever.

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    Re: What Stadiums Have You Been To?

    Been to 25 of the 31. Soon to be 26. It's easier to just list which ones I haven't been to:

    • Green Bay (no interest unless it's an early season game - don't want to freeze!)
    • Cleveland (no fuckin' way will I mingle with those asshat fans - also the city is very, very boring & depressing)
    • Chicago (afraid of gangsters)
    • Oakland (only city west of Gary which makes West Baltimore look inviting)
    • LA (flight is too long -- also been there so many times on business that I never want to go back there)
    • Dallas (will be remedied on Nov 26th)

    Favorites for great road trips have been NOLA, Nashville, Jax, San Diego, Buffalo.
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