Some tidbits on Boldin going beyond the stuff ESPN said that touts how great he's been...

The injury issues

For all the concerns about how he's frequently injured and fragile and we should be concerned about him missing time, Boldin actually averages 13.5 games played per season. He's only played in 16 games twice, but he's also only played less than 12 games once, his second season.

The performance

His performance truly has been one of the more underrated in the league, despite the fact that he's very highly respected. Some numbers of guys drafted between '01 and '09 (because PFR only pulls 300 names in their query and I'm too lazy to do multiple pulls)...

  • No one has more receptions per game at 6.17 per.
  • No one has more yards per game at 79.16 per. #2 on the list - Andre Johnson - is more than a yard per game behind him. #5 on the list - Marques Colston - is nearly 8 yards per game behind him.
  • Only 4 players have scored more TDs per game at 0.463 per.
  • Only 2 players - Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald - have more receptions per season.
  • Only 3 players - Fitz, Andre and Ochocinco - have more yards per season.
  • He is #10 overall in TDs per season.
  • Only one season has he had fewer than 71 YPG, and has never had fewer than 5 rec/game.