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    Re: Boldin is a Raven!

    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonRaven View Post
    Having Boldin and Stallworth makes a possible TO pick up tolerable (barely).
    Yeah, I don't know about all THAT now.

    This was a very good move. We still need a vertical threat, but now I have much more confidence in Flacco being able to throw to him in the middle and down the seams. He's a proven receiver and a 3 time pro bowl receiver.

    This gives us a few years to finish developing a real #1 guy for Flacco.

    So Mason now becomes the wild card in all this.

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    Re: Boldin is a Raven!

    Great move for both teams. As for Boldin the guy is a beast and I believe he still has 2 or 3 more years before he starts to lose a step or so. However he is not a vertical threat so if they plan an sending him deep it was a bad move. uBt I'm sure they know he works the middle of the field amazingly and makes tough catches and loves contact. Also down in the redzone he is a force sort of like a goal line wide reciever. Next year should be very fun.

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    Re: Boldin is a Raven!

    It's really just blowing smoke, but I like that Ozzie comes right out and says he feels he made a mistake not drafting Boldin in 2003...I guess that is easy to say after the fact, when our two top picks in 2003 were Boller and Suggs...and when you consider that Boller cost us the 2nd round pick we could've used on Boldin, plus the #1 the next year.
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