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    Re: nascar racing down our throats

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    It's quite obvious you don't respect people who like NASCAR like myself. You don't like NASCAR...fine...great...your choice. Some of us do. You won't find me shopping at Walmart...and I'm actually highly educated.

    So stop with your insults of people that do.
    I apologize, That was not my intent! I started this thread to complain about ESPN cramming it down our throats! It's fine that they want to carry it! To each his own, etc. But they were, and are, cramming it down our throats. It has appeared in EVERY thing they have broadcast for the last few weeks! I don't appreciate it! I wish my tv viewing to be nascar free! And then, on this thread, people wrote that if i gave it a chance, I may like it. Well, I couldn't, wouldn't won't, can't! Again, show it, people who like it will watch! Just don't force me to watch coverage on shows that have nothing to do with it! They used to poo-poo it on PTI, Around the horn, Now they discuss it like they watch it, or know what they're talking about! And it is not hard to figure out what they are trying to do, promote interest in it, because NOW they are carrying races(GREED)... (we gotta get in on this money tree!) I shop at walmart, because it is close, and I am well educated, enough to notice that 50% or more of the shoppers wear Steeler hats and nascar jackets, therefore the comment! Sorry!But, After all, you are right, I do not respect nascar fans. I should change that! And saying highly educated nascar fans, just seems like an oxymoron! I'm not saying that I'm right, it's just how i have always felt! Maybe it was because all the nascar fans i know were, well, NOT!!!!
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    Re: nascar racing down our throats

    Televised Chess rules.

    I also may buy 'Great Hurling Moments of the 90's' on DVD.

    NASCAR's not my cup of tea. I used to really be into Indy Car racing (before the CHAMP/IRL split) and still follow F1 relatively closely. I prefer races where the cars have to change direction, but oval racing can provide some exciting moments.

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    Re: nascar racing down our throats

    Does anyone remember REAL racing? like Lemans? Shut down some roadways and race! What does it mean to go around in circles faster than someone else? It just seems like a complete waste of time and money, and I can't understand how one could find it interesting!

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    Re: nascar racing down our throats

    As I said earlier in this thread, it's not NASCAR specifically that I object to, it's ESPN's suddenly constant in-your-face all-the-time coverage of it. It's more of an ESPN complaint than a NASCAR issue for me, and I'm sure I'm not alone. Instead of simply reporting sports news, they seem to be making a very heavy-handed effort to tell us what we should be paying attention to (which is almost always something they happen to be televising).


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