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    Hey Tiki, just shut up.

    Honestly Tiki, who cares? Was it really necessary to point fingers? You've been on the guy's case all season, and what's the guy supposed to do in NY with a QB who has name rep from his brother and players who complain about winning when they're taking plays off, fumbling, or not tackling?

    Coughlin may not be your favorite guy, but honestly, "encourage and motivate" the players? That's your job, you're being paid to win. If you can motivate yourself you don't belong in the nfl. 'man I better get this 1st down so the coach don't yell at us' is a loser's attitude.

    Maybe that's why the Giants can't seem to win

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    Re: Hey Tiki, just shut up.

    I have never liked tiki myself...he's an arrogant, ALL ON ME, type of player...he's leaving the nfl to go to the media and the cushy job, let him go! I'm looking forward to not listening to everyone kiss his *** next year and seein' the Giants lose again!


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