For continuity's sake, I hope that Ovie is retained, and FB can be avoided in the draft. Not that these candidates don't seem appealing, it's just that I'd rather fix what is brokem.

Besides Pashos, UFA class is a little different then years past. We don't have the Hartwell, Kemo, Weaver, Baxter type of players that are proven young solid starters, we have suitable role players that are jsut coming into their own, Unfortunately I think that Pashos is going to slide in that direction as the market opens, btu Mughelli and JJ shouldn't garner much interest dollar wise and thus should be easy to retain. These are players who's perceived value is greater the the Raven's then other teams. They are Bannan type players that should be retained. One look at Buffalo this year tells you Bannan should have been retained by Buffalo, lets not make the same error.