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The point is not about whether Dilfer was mistreated...everyone in the Ravens fandom knows dumping Dilfer for Grbac was a bad move...It made sense at the time though, Grbac was coming off of a Pro Bowl year in KC and looked like a guy who'd be able to sling the ball. Meanwhile, Dilfer was a loveable guy, but he wasn't an elite QB. Our gameplan that made him look so good was protect the ball, run the ball, and play lights out defense. Billick and Ozzie felt we needed to upgrade at QB in order to get another SB.

But to say we are "cursed" because of Dilfer...that's like saying the Patriots are cursed because of losing Vinatieri, since they haven't won a SB since he left. It's just coincidence.
TrINT never looked good in Baltimore. I still cringe when I see how bad and how lucky he was in SB XXXV. Better to be lucky than good though, I guess.