Like the curse of Babe Ruth against the Boston Red Socks, the curse of Trent Dilfer once again strikes the Ravens. For you Ravens fans who are not following this, Trent Dilfer, who QB the Ravens to their only super bowl and was undefeated as a Ravens QB was cut by the Ravens the very next year and thus became the only QB in NFL history to not be the starting QB for the team that won the super bowl. It showed no class on the Ravens part and to this day has never been addressed by the Ravens.

The Ravens decided to sign a QB who only played one year Elvis Garbac and on top of that they had to give up Priest Holmes (the money and cap room) who had a great career in KC. When Jamal Lewis was hurt in training camp that year, the Ravens did not have a running back that they could relay on all year.

The Ravens will not win another Super bowl because of the curse of Trent Dilfer. Look how long it took Boston to overcome that curse of the Babe .