I've been mumbling about this possibility for a few weeks, but wanted to see what other people thought given that the possibility of Carr being traded seems fairly certain according to this article: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/200...arr/index.html

I'm sure everyone's heard of his flaws here and there, but I think coming in here and being co-#2 with Boller might be a good thing for him. I mean, the poor guy has been sacked 249 times while going 23-53. That's not all on him, there hasn't been a decent O-line in houston and has there really been a running game outside Ron Dayne flukishly pounding 2 teams this year?

I just like the idea of having a guy who has been around for a bit that has a lot of potential and let him sit behind Mac9 for a year with Boller and then let the two of them go at it to determine who may be the starter in 08 or maybe even letting Boller go at the end of 08 with Mac9 still starting and Carr starts in 09.

Taking any and all offers and the Texans are a team in trouble with only 1 first round pick in day 1. Might it be worth trading some equivalent of a 4th rounder to them to get Carr? I'm not thinking we should give up a 1st day pick by any means.