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    Re: Any possibility of drafting a QB?

    A lot of the "hate" for Boller came when he "won" the starting job over Redman, and showed over the course of his career as a starter that he was hardly an improvement.

    Personally, I think he is very physically talented, but lacks leadership, touch on his throws, accuracy, and even decision making. In fact, I think given his physical attributes and knowledge of the game, he could be an interesting project as a situational WR. But that's just a fun dream.

    Anyway, back to the main topic. I think another key ingredient to a Super Bowl winning team is to have a leader at quarterback. He doesn't necessarily have to be a Pro-Bowl caliber player, but someone who can inspire those around him. I like Troy Smith and Tyler Palko in that regard. In my opinion, I think the only fault against them is that Smith is from Cleveland and Palko is from Pittsburgh and I doubt either is a fan of the Ravens.

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    Re: Any possibility of drafting a QB?

    In fact, I think given his physical attributes and knowledge of the game, he could be an interesting project as a situational WR. But that's just a fun dream

    That is potentially one of the most retarded things I've heard.

    You never know what a hater will say nowadays. Kyle runs about a 4.6 40 and that would make him a good situational WR? What about hands, routes, experience?

    Just another one of those things a hater says out of his a$$ for the sake of it.

    On the Chris Redman front, if Redman hadn't reinjured his back on a hunting trip during the bye week of '02, he probably would have finished out that season and MIGHT have been the teams QB. i think that ill fated hunting trip showed a lack of committment to the team that killed his future with the Ravens and with the NFL.

    Boller winning that competition was a foregone conclusion as Redman was damaged goods and coming off back surgery #2 or 3. If tahts a reason to hate Boller, then there are a lot of people I should probably hate in this world, and for a lot of stupid reasons.

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    Re: Any possibility of drafting a QB?

    I have always wanted to like Boller. But I have to admit when he steps back and launches one I watch through my fingers and cringe in anticipation.

    If he could gain a little more control over his throws and most importantly learn the art of BBC (ref: Pulp Fiction “Bi#$@% be cool) I still think he could be a fine QB. Unfortunately there are a lot of haters in out fanbase - a fact I personally don’t like one bit. He may have his problems but to boo your own team just aint right to me.

    Now there is a very slim chance, but a chance nonetheless that after learning from the coolheaded leadership of Mac9 that he will grow. But when and if he takes the field for us again how much negative vibes will be coming from our own?

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    Re: Any possibility of drafting a QB?

    Your good deed: Ignore Tex posts and NEVER quote them.

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    Re: Any possibility of drafting a QB?

    Quote Originally Posted by Art-Florida View Post
    Your good deed: Ignore Tex posts and NEVER quote them.
    Art, you should know I was drawn to this thread by seeing you posted here. But I will *resist* the temptation to get involved in the same :brickwall: argument, even though you have tempted me by getting involved yourself.

    His definitions and arguments were so clear in his own mind that he was unable to understand how any reasonable person could honestly differ with him.

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    Re: Any possibility of drafting a QB?

    ClericBlackDave, I resent you referring to me as a "hater" of Kyle Boller. I am not. For the most part, my last post was merely a continuation of the statements made by darb72 and hurting describing the reasons Ravens fans "hate" Kyle Boller. I was adding my 2 cents.

    Even I agree that my idea for Boller to play receiver is whimsical, but that in no way means that I have any resentment for him. Having seen athletic back-up quarterbacks take the field last season as receivers and make catches for their team made me think that Boller would probably like to contribute in such a fashion.

    But I guess it was just a matter of time before I triggered a knee jerk reaction from someone who's writings carry an air of vendetta against those who prefer McNair over Boller. Label me a "hater" if it pleases you. Just know that you are very wrong.

    Besides, this thread isn't about why fans hate Boller or what should be done with him, it's about if the Ravens should draft a QB. For the sake of staying on subject, I like both Smith and Palko.

    I suggest you stay on subject as well and quit verbally attacking people.

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    Re: Any possibility of drafting a QB?

    Boller runs about a sub 4.6. Thats not blazing speed, and not enough to really think he'd be a reciever.

    You hear people say these things about the Mike Vicks of the world because that guy once had sub 4.4 speed and would have made a great WR if he was trained to do so.

    But in both cases, they are QBs like it or not.

    Boller's biggest physical trait is armstrength. Probalbly best, or at least top 3, in the league. The throws like the one to Demetrius Williams are throws that most QBs can't make just based on distance.

    But whatever. The topic is drafting a QB. The answer is no.

    We have needs other than QB, and you dont' invest in a 3rd big QB contract.

    We might need a RT, a LB or two, nickle back? RB? FB? interior lineman? etc.

    I'm sure we'll draft a QB. On the second day.

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    Re: Any possibility of drafting a QB?

    dbcw, I wonder how good his hands are. We have only two quarterbacks on the roster, so it's a complete fantasy you would see both on the field at the same time; we're just not deep enough at that position.

    But it's an amusing fantasy. Kyle would do it in a heartbeat, I'm sure. I would guess he'd *love* to line up at WR, or in the slot a few times. Hilarious.

    His definitions and arguments were so clear in his own mind that he was unable to understand how any reasonable person could honestly differ with him.

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    Re: Any possibility of drafting a QB?

    Typical, Tex, Typical. You related to WSO?

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    Re: Any possibility of drafting a QB?

    I believe Kyle Boller will be gone after the 2007 season at the latest. We need another QB to develope behind Mac. I'd prefer the Ravens not drafting one in the first round.

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    Re: Any possibility of drafting a QB?

    Quote Originally Posted by festivus View Post
    I disagree. Tom Brady is an absolute freak and an exception. While it's true there are many first round busts at qb, of the successful young qb's around the league, they are virtually all round one & two guys. Carson Palmer, Peyton Manning, Donovan McNabb, Drew Brees. While round 1 may not be a 1:1 indicator of success, it does give *much* higher probability then round 4.

    Plus as Jonboy points out, it's not like we don't draft qb's in the later rounds. We do, as I think virtually all teams do. It's just, Tom Brady was there only once.

    If Tony Romo can prove to be as good as he was last season that would be two very good QBs to come out of the late rounds. I am sure the success rate is much higher in the early rounds as composed to the later rounds, but teams usually have multiple picks in the 4th through 6th rounds to use (waste) each year for a QB project. If the team dies it every year maybe on the 4th, 5th, or 10th try they find that once in a generation QB. My point is that our talent evaluateor appear to be very good at picking late round gems, and although there are way fewer late round gems at QB that safety I still think we have a reasonable shot at finding something there.

    As jonboy said:
    You could say since Boller, that is what they have been attempting. Pick Harris, nah he's no good, let him go, pick DA, let him go, Olsen.... Maybe we will find one good enoug to keep and develop.
    In response to that I say "great keep trying and maybe we will find a Brady/Romo." Hell Romo wasn't even drafted and he appears to be a very good QB. My point is that if the team drafts a QB in the first round he has a very slim chance of living up to expectations and then the fans will 'hate' him for not living up to expectations. If a 4th rounder doesn't live up to expectations fans don't seem to care.

    For every Manning there is a Leaf.

    For every Donovan McNabb there is a Cade McNoun and Tim Couch.

    I saw one of the draft shows last year track the success rate of 1st round QBs and it was about 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 will become a viable long term starter. Those odds suck for a 1st round pick, there has to be a better way.

    At least when Dre Olson doesnt pan out we don't have fans cheering when he breaks his leg.

    That's something I've noticed between Haters and "Huggers". I'm not saying you're one or the other, just that your quote brings up the point.
    I guess if you had to pidgeon-hole me I would be a hugger. But, I really considered myself a wait and see person who thought it would take time to develop.
    Section 106 from start to finish!

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    Re: Any possibility of drafting a QB?

    Unless you have a Carson Palmer type who ran a pro-type system in college, nfl QBs are going to need a few years to learn the pro game.

    When you look at a Brady or a Romo, they rode the pine. They learned the game . . . Boller didn't have that advantage.

    Even Palmer rode the pine a year behind Kitna before taking the reigns.

    Boller had to learn on the job, because we didn't have another QB that was worth a squat. maybe he could have sat behind Jeff Blake if things had gone differently.

    I bet fans would like Boller better if he had come in for relief of a shitty Jeff Blake.

    Overall, Boller's stats over the last 10 games are monsterous. Overall, 100+ rating with 16 TDs to only a handfull of INTs.

    The development is there; if you think drafting a QB is the solution, you're kiding youself. The kid we draft will need a few years, just like Boller, just like every other QB, to learn the pro game.

    McNair won't be here longer than a year. I dont know if he makes it through '07 healthy w/o Pashos. So even if you drafted a future QB, you're going to need Boller for this new QB to sit behind.

    That, or, you can throw the new QB you draft to the wolves like we did to Boller and stunt/slow his development also.



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