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    Re: AD 4 Portis? Would you?

    It it amazing how much more valuable draft picks are in today's NFL than it was 10 or 15 years ago. Part of how we gained multiple first round picks was due to trading WRs such as Andre Rison. That would be like trading Derrick Mason for a first rounder in the 2008 draft. Those days are gone.

    Getting back on topic, I would do a tag and trade of AD. I mentioned how Drew thought it would be distasteful and classless for the Ravens organization to do that, but since Ed Reed said we were a "bad organization" anyway, why not just make the tag and trade happen.

    I am concerned with picking up an injury prone back as well. I'd sure as hell would trade AD to the Chargers for Turner, or trade AD to Buffalo for McGahee in a second. I would also trade AD for a first rounder in next year's draft if that were possible.

    A player such as AD, you have to get something for him instead of a compensatory pick in the 3rd round of the 2008 draft (which amounts to a 4th round pick in a sense).
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    Re: AD 4 Portis? Would you?

    Quote Originally Posted by F Angelos View Post
    It's taboo to trade franchised players! Other free agents would hold it against us for years! Just let AD walk and sign D Rhodes.
    100% agree! Rhodes may be a backup, but the kid can push a pile and i think he could come in and do wonders for us in the backfield


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