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    from the NFL crime blotter

    Tank Johnson pleads guilty to a probation violation.

    The two parts of the website that stood out to me:
    "Dressed in a gray suit, Johnson arrived early for the hearing and signed autographs for fans while waiting for the courtroom to open."

    Now *there's* a guy with class. Signed autographs for the fans, while he waited for the courtroom to open.

    Maybe more interesting was this, from the advertisement links at the bottom of the page:
    "Free Rex Grossman Jersey
    Receive free Rex Grossman jersey! Participate Now & Get It Free!"

    Could I get a show of hands? :whistling: Anybody?

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    Re: from the NFL crime blotter

    I don't know. Free is kind of steep for a Grossman jersey. Maybe if they threw in like twenty bucks I'd consider it.
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    Re: from the NFL crime blotter

    actually with the jersey thing, it has nothing to do with the player. I was reading an article about cuban the Maverics owner and at the bottom it was advertising a free Nowitzki jersey.

    Check it out whatever the team the player plays for one of the other players from that team it advertises "*Free jersey"*


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