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    Re: Steelers - still championship material

    The better team won.

    Far better coaching staff, they stuck to their game plan. When any team can make the other team one dimensional, they usually win!

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    Re: Steelers - still championship material

    A combination of the two. The Steelers looked pretty good, considering Batch was at the helm. With Big Ben, they will be very tough.
    You make it sound like Pittsburgh won in spite of Batch, which couldn't be any further from the truth. They won because of him, and regardless of when Big Bonehead comes back, he won't be playing any better than Batch did on Thursday.

    And despite 100+ yards from Parker, 3TDs/200+yds/120+passer-rating from Batch, great games by Miller & Ward, and a defense that completely shut down Brown & made Miami COMPLETELY ONE-Dimensional, Pitt was still 6-minutes & a 3rd down conversion away from losing to what I thought was an average Dolphins team.

    I guess the point is, Pittsburgh can't expect to play much (if at all) better than they did on Thursday. And that was barely enough to beat an average football team.

    All this talk about Pitt DOMINATING a VERY GOOD Dolphins team, 28-17, in spite of a backup QB is kind of funny. Seems like half the people saying this stuff, didn't even see the game.

    I'm not convinced at all about how Pittsburgh will do this season, after Thurs night. If that's the best they can do, and it's barely enough to beat an average team, then before you go crowning then "Championship Material", you should have your doubts as well.

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    Re: Steelers - still championship material

    I was very impressed with Batch vs the Dolphins.Just what you need from a backup QB.Coming in mentally ready and getting the job done.
    Put the smile back on your face.This is a 60 minute ball game.


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