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    Re: Steelers - still championship material

    I never understood why so much was made about them losing Bettis...a guy who averaged about 7-10 carries a game at around 3.4 ypc...and Randle-El...a guy who had all of 35 catches last year.

    It's not hard to find a fat guy for your goal line offense and while Randle-el was a heck of a returner, when was the last time a PR was a huge key for your team?

    the Steelers kept thier core and the vast majority of thier talent and will again be chasing the playoffs and title.

  2. Re: Steelers - still championship material

    Championships are not won in week one of the season.

    The Steelers certainly deserve credit for over coming adversity and winning the game.
    That is what quality teams do, particurally at home on opening night in front of a jacked up crowd.

    With that being said, they could have and probably should have lost.

    Miami choked when it mattered most.

    When Batch fumbled the ball on the 1 yard line, all of the momentum completely shifted to Miami who didn't capitalize on the mistake.

    Games like that are won by capitalizing on the opponents mistakes, Pittsburgh did just that.

    After that Batch fumble Miami could have put the nail in the coffin with proper execution.

    They were moving the ball running off clock which is what you need to do in that situation.

    Then came the 3rd and two around the 45 yard line or so.

    This was the beginning of the colapse right here.

    What the hell are you trying to run some type of fancy reverse for?

    3rd and 2, you better either pound that ball or throw some type of screen or quick out and keep the chains and clock moving.

    The little quick hitch out to Chambers was killing the Steelers the entire econd half.
    They couldn't defend it!!

    Chambers was getting 3-5 yards damn near every time they did it.

    Palamanu(sp?) came on a safety blitz probably anticipating run the entire time, and somebody didn't pick him up.

    That was bad enough right there that you're giving the Steelers a little boost of confidence and another attempt to score.

    Then you have the freakin tight end way down field 20 freakin' yards past the entire secondary uncovered.

    The line gave Batch time to see it and throw it, the Dolphins blew another coverage letting it happen.

    Somebody blew a coverage allowing Miller to be that far down field uncovered.

    Reminded me of us against Cincitucky in 2004 when we blew that lead late with the blown down field coverage.

    (We're still trying to recover from that)

    Then you got Saban half ass trying to figure out if he should throw the flag when every freakin' person in america that watched it knew it wasn't a touchdown.

    His ass should have thrown that flag long before he did, and done it with authority over hand like he actually meant it!!

    A 2 year old could have tossed that flag out there under handed to land 10 yards behind the closest official.

    Probably didn't matter anyway because Pittsburgh took the momentum back with the bomb, and capitalized on Miamis blown coverage mistake.

    Throw in Culpepper looking clueless and indecisive most of the game, erratic passing at best, and Pittsburgh pulled it out when they very easily could have and probably should have lost.

    Mistakes kill you in close games!!!

    If the Bengals play anything like they did at the end of last year and that last preseason game this year, they will light up the Steelers like a freakin' airport runway!!

    Championships are not won in week one!!!
    Will Die A Ravens Fan!!

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    Re: Steelers - still championship material

    Funny how the Stealers should get a TD when Millers foot was out of bounds.
    It seems the Stealers are still the officials darlings.

    The Stealers kept to there gameplan,and kept chipping away at Miami's defense.With Parker starting to breakout.He really shouldn't wait for his blocks.And just go with his speed.A cardinal sin for a RB I know.

    The Ugly side of Culpeppers game reared its ugly head.

    Pittsburgh did what it does best.Everybody knows it,it's just having to stand tall and stop it.

    The first shots have been fired.Let battle commence.

    Sunday the start of the AFCN battle map is drawn.
    Put the smile back on your face.This is a 60 minute ball game.

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    Re: Steelers - still championship material

    Quote Originally Posted by Purplenemesis
    Is it just me or do the Steelers excel in the 4th quarter. It seems that in the 4th quarter the defense tightens up and causes turnovers. Meanwhile the other teams offense look lethargic. Would you attribute that to the Steelers OL getting a nice push and wearing out their opponents Defensive line
    Yes, and the fact that their offense can score points to help out their defense.

    That's the reason why we went after McNair, with hopes that he can keep the offense moving, score points, and to give our defense a break, so that they aren't back on the field 30 seconds after they get off it.

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    Re: Steelers - still championship material

    It is very possible that we start off 0-1 while the rest of the AFC North division starts off 1-0. Cleveland plays the Saints, and Pitt just beat the Dolphins. Cinncy is just a very dangerous team that can outscore any team. Imagine the outcry that will happen across the city if we are the only 0-1 team in the division after Sunday?
    It's a new season! It's a new day!

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    Re: Steelers - still championship material

    I hate the steelers

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    Re: Steelers - still championship material

    The better team won.

    Far better coaching staff, they stuck to their game plan. When any team can make the other team one dimensional, they usually win!

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    Re: Steelers - still championship material

    A combination of the two. The Steelers looked pretty good, considering Batch was at the helm. With Big Ben, they will be very tough.
    You make it sound like Pittsburgh won in spite of Batch, which couldn't be any further from the truth. They won because of him, and regardless of when Big Bonehead comes back, he won't be playing any better than Batch did on Thursday.

    And despite 100+ yards from Parker, 3TDs/200+yds/120+passer-rating from Batch, great games by Miller & Ward, and a defense that completely shut down Brown & made Miami COMPLETELY ONE-Dimensional, Pitt was still 6-minutes & a 3rd down conversion away from losing to what I thought was an average Dolphins team.

    I guess the point is, Pittsburgh can't expect to play much (if at all) better than they did on Thursday. And that was barely enough to beat an average football team.

    All this talk about Pitt DOMINATING a VERY GOOD Dolphins team, 28-17, in spite of a backup QB is kind of funny. Seems like half the people saying this stuff, didn't even see the game.

    I'm not convinced at all about how Pittsburgh will do this season, after Thurs night. If that's the best they can do, and it's barely enough to beat an average team, then before you go crowning then "Championship Material", you should have your doubts as well.

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    Re: Steelers - still championship material

    I was very impressed with Batch vs the Dolphins.Just what you need from a backup QB.Coming in mentally ready and getting the job done.
    Put the smile back on your face.This is a 60 minute ball game.


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