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    Angry Ed Reed: Are the Ravens a "bad organization?"

    "You hate to see the Ravens even put him in this kind of predicament," Reed said. "That goes to show you how shady and how bad the business is and how bad certain organizations are. I really think he should have been signed a long time ago. It should have never gotten to this point. He has been nothing but loyal to them. Not only the city, but the organization. If he gets away, it's a terrible decision on their part. It was a terrible decision to even let it get this far."

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    Re: Ed Reed: Are the Ravens a "bad organization?"

    Woah, c'mon Ed.

    He needs to realize that if he ever want to wear a SB ring on his finger we need to spend some $$$ on the O.

    Ed, I love ya man, but shutup.
    "This year, our attitude when we’re on the field is we’re attacking, we want to put points on the board and then let our defense pin their ears back and have at it."
    -Mark Clayton

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    Re: Ed Reed: Are the Ravens a "bad organization?"

    1. We took AD in the 6th round after teams passed on him nonstop.

    2. We signed him to a 3 year deal when he was still a situational player.

    3. If Reed wants to restructure to enable the team to sign AD, go ahead.

    4. I still wonder if some of these players have any concept of the salary cap.

    It was a "decision" to let it get this far in the sense that the FO went out and signed other players to improve the team. It wasn't a case of "let's ignore AD and get others signed".

    Everyone wants AD back. On every board and in every conversation, I haven't read or heard anything else.

    But the reality is it might not be feasible.


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    Re: Ed Reed: Are the Ravens a "bad organization?"

    So do you think Reed would trade places with AD? Prior to the season, the Ravens could have signed Reed or AD. Ed got his money and now criticizes the organization? Would he be happier if AD was the one who got paid and Ed was looking at the franchise tag? That's what I would've done. No problem to franchise a safety as only TEs, Kickers and Punters are cheaper. In the end, the Ravens decided to make Ed happy. Now, it appears he's still not. I'm a fan, but Ed's just another punk who should keep quiet, make plays and just be happy he got his and isn't staring at $4.5 million.

    Stick to playing the game Ed. You got your money. You'll have plenty of time to hang with your homeboy in the off-season.

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    Re: Ed Reed: Are the Ravens a "bad organization?"

    Quote Originally Posted by TRAP View Post
    Oz can't sign everyone.
    Every Ravens fan and player needs to read what Trap said and then re-read it until it sinks in.


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    Re: Ed Reed: Are the Ravens a "bad organization?"


    Perhaps Ed Reed does not have a future as a front office guy.

    Go play, Ed, and nice job in the Pro Bowl.

    His definitions and arguments were so clear in his own mind that he was unable to understand how any reasonable person could honestly differ with him.

  7. Re: Ed Reed: Are the Ravens a "bad organization?"

    That's why Players play, Coaches coach, and Front office people run the off the field stuff.
    When you start having individuals from one area critisize another for the way they're doing their job...:grbac: :grbac: :grbac:

    To a man (and woman) in this organization, I think you would be hard pressed to find anybody that wants to see AD go.
    Will Die A Ravens Fan!!

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    Re: Ed Reed: Are the Ravens a "bad organization?"

    To Ed,

    We will lose AD. Get use to it. It may mean that you have to work harder next year protecting the middle. That's what we paid you for. Piece of advice--Don't tell your bosses how to do their job. They don't like it. Also, we need to improve the offense. That's why we lost, dummy. We need a balanced team. Be happy you got your money.

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    Re: Ed Reed: Are the Ravens a "bad organization?"

    Yes, Ed Reed needs to be quiet and learn the business aspects of this game. Is it me or does there seem to be a high number of crybabies on our team? You'd think we went 3-13. Mason crying about lack of catches. Ogden is crying about gameplans (valid, but still crying). Ray wants a new contract. Jamal wants and wants and wants, and now Reed.

    I would love for AD to stay as well, but we have what is called a salary cap. Reed needs to learn that as much as he needs to learn accountability.
    It's a new season! It's a new day!

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    Re: Ed Reed: Are the Ravens a "bad organization?"

    Quote Originally Posted by PurpleRulz View Post
    Is it me or does there seem to be a high number of crybabies on our team?
    That's probably a big reason why the organization is shifting focus from a star-centered to team-centered approach

    How do you win in today's nfl? Have a few "stars" aka 1-2 on offense (QB has to be one of those, or at least recognized as being an excellent game manager) and defense and then have a bunch of players that might be good, but won't make the pro bowl.

    Who knows, yeah, it's a shame, but AD is gone, it doesn't make sense for the future of the club to keep him when someone else is going to overpay whether that be new england, detroit, or san francisco.

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    Re: Ed Reed: Are the Ravens a "bad organization?"

    It's tough on teammates when they are going to lose a well liked member of the team. AD has been here for a long time and if there were no salary cap this wouldn't be an issue (well until the Skins get involved) but life in the NFL is full of tough, heartbreaking decisions. THis is one of them.

    Ed made a mistake lashing out, but I don't blame him. He knows he is about to lose a good friend.

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    Re: Ed Reed: Are the Ravens a "bad organization?"

    its not as if they raven are unwilling to sign him, if he takes a cheap deal he can stick around.

    In the end it's up to him. DOes he want to stay here or take the money.


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