OK, here's what I'm looking at. I have 4 spaces to squeeze in the following WR and TEs - I can use 2 TEs if I want.

I have Larry Johnson and Cory Dillon starting at RB. I can remove one and add another WR/TE but who would do that with those two.

Antonio Gates - No brainer
Alge Crumpler - Iffy, hasn't scored against Panthers since 2002
Joey Galloway - I'm up in the air vs Ravens D. May be a tough day but may be rewarding.
Randy Moss - 1st game of the season. Worth a try

Mushin Mohammed - Supposed to be in best shape ever facing GB defense. Picked him as a sleeper.
Drew Bennet - could perform against Jets
Kevin Curtis - Isaac Bruce is back and he faces Denver

League is 12 teams of 9 active players each. I'm playing a division rival. A must win baby for the Admin Dude.

Advice please.