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    Re: Your SIX Untouchable Ravens

    Chris Chester
    Jason Brown
    Like these two though!
    Mark Clayton
    Haloti Ngata
    Mark Clayton
    Terrel Suggs
    Bart Scott
    Todd Heap

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    Re: Your SIX Untouchable Ravens

    OK, I can't resist this one, and I am sure these answers are going to be a tad controversial. To me there are only 2 components to the most untouchable:
    1. Who has the most remaining value to contribute (including all elements of leadership and other intangibles)
    2. Who is still under rookie contract and thus playing cheap right now (since we are at constant war with the cap)

    The 6 Ravens who fit that bill, starting with the most valuable are:
    1. Ngata (had a great rookie year in 2006, and plays a big money position)
    2. Clayton (big time receiver with 3 cheap years left)
    3. Suggs (he's 24 and just 2 and a half months younger than Landry. Lots of great football left)
    4. Landry (outstanding rookie year, but 24)
    5. Reed (I hope he retires a Raven, and I am sure he'll be a fine defensive QB when Ray finally hangs 'em up)
    6. Terry (by a nose over Brown. Terry is 8 months older, and has proven less to date, but plays the higher priced position.)

    I would understand if someone put Williams on their list. Obviously, the Ravens have a number of very fine players that have a varying number of good years left, but they will all be fully paid (Scott, Thomas, Lewis, Ogden, McNair, Mason, Pashos, Gregg, Heap, McAlister, Mughelli, Musa, Pryce, and Wilcox). The only players right now on the roster with decent upside potential that I did not put in my 6 are Chester, Cody, Martin, Pittman, Prude, Sypniewski, and Williams. If I had to guess, I would say the Ravens aging corners will force one of those 3 youngsters to step up and play well, and I would say Pittman probably has the best tools, but Prude is definitely ahead of him now.

    The Ravens core of young talent is still very good, IMO, but with the number of players that will be squeezed out by the cap/retirement in the next 2 years, Ozzie is going to need 2 more good drafts in a row beginning this April.


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