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    Re: To Ravens' Fans Outside of Maryland

    1. If you have moved from Maryland and want to know:

    a) Why you moved and where you have moved to-- I currently live in Hanover, Pa (since 1998). The government gave me the opportunity to move (voluntarily)--Left beautiful downtown Fullerton for the UK in 1980, came back in 1987 (found out that the Overlea/Fullerton/Rosedale area changed for the worse), stuck it out for 6 years before fleeing back to the UK in 1993, off to Germany in 1995, landed in Hanover because of the schools and oldest daughter's acceptance to PSU. (in-state rates much cheaper). Will be relocating to San Antonio sometime in the there will be at least 2 Ravens fans in S.A. (at that point where I don't like winter)....

    b) How you are accepted in your adopted community as a Ravens fan-- lots of Ravens fans in Hanover (as well as squeeler, iggles and very confused deadskin fans). Over the years the number of ravens fans has increased, lots of ravens flags around. Expect that the good folks in Texas might take a while to warm up to a Ravens fan....

    c) Where you go to watch Ravens games...section 502 for home games, the basement for away games-- 60" DLP HDTV and all the free snacks I can make. I think a good deal of Ravens fans can be found at the Bateman's that be open for about a year....will have the NFL ticket when I move and will be back for 2-3 games a season...

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    Re: To Ravens' Fans Outside of Maryland

    I moved to Columbia from Barbados, and lived there for 9 years from 1992 to 2000. At first, I knew nothing about American football, (Cricket was my sport in Barbados) but started to learn the game (when in Rome, do as the Romans do). So when the Ravens came to Baltimore, what better team to learn the game with, and form an attachment to? So, as far as football is concerned, I "grew up" with the Ravens.

    Relocated to Colorado Springs in December 2000 (helluva time to move from Maryland!), because I lke the mountains and could still work for my Columbia-based company from here.

    I wear Ravens gear a lot, and people here just accept me, and I get into conversations with the locals on how the team did sometimes. Quite friendly, with usually only good-natured ribbing. I think I'm probably the only Ravens fan in Colorado Springs, though!

    I watch the Ravens games on my 55" TV, with DirecTV and NFL Sunday Ticket. I don't know what I'd do without it. Occasionally, I have to go back to Columbia to teach, so try to arrange that to coincide with a home game. And I occasionally link up with friends to go on road trips.

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    Re: To Ravens' Fans Outside of Maryland

    Grew up in York, PA. Moved west after college (LA), then ended up in Colorado. I never lived in MD, but consider myself an honorary Marylander. Hated everything about Pennsylvania, and couldn't wait to leave. When people ask me where I'm from, I tell them I'm from north of Baltimore.

    Have always been a fan of all Baltimore teams. I became a Ravens fans when I heard Bob Costas blasting the announcement the Browns were moving to Baltimore on the NBC pre-game show.

    I half-heartedly followed the Broncos when I first moved to CO. It was tough rooting against them since they were one of the best teams in the league, and Baltimore didn't have a team. I still hated Elway, and was more rooting for the Broncos to win a Super Bowl for the fans since they had quite an inferiority complex at the time since they lost so many Super Bowls. That all changed after they won the back-to-back Super Bowls, and they became like Steeler fans, which made my transformation into a Ravens fanatic even easier.

    Broncos fans couldn't believe that I would switch from a team that was winning back-to-back Super Bowls to a team that sucked at the time. Since then the Raven's fortunes have changed and I have single-handedly turned many Broncos fans into Ravens Haters. The comment I get now is "I-70 East", meaning I should move back to Baltimore (even though I never lived there).

    I watch the games at Indigo Joes in Centennial Colorado. There is no such thing as a Ravens Bar out here, so I'm usually the lone Ravens fan.

  4. Re: To Ravens' Fans Outside of Maryland

    Hi Tony. I read many Ravens boards, but rarely post.

    a) I was a MD "lifer" until last April when we moved to York, PA. More house/land for the money, better schools, safer environemnt, slower pace, just to mention a few reasons for the move.

    b) We live in a new neighborhood with many other MD transplants (about 80%). York in general seems to have equal amounts of Ravens, Eagles & Steelers fans so we are fairly well accepted here. (In addition, many native South-Central PA residents have kept their allegiance with the Colts, unfortunately.)

    c) I am a season ticket holder so I make the 45 minute drive for home games and watch the others at home on TV since we are still in the Ravens TV market.

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    Re: To Ravens' Fans Outside of Maryland

    TL - You need to create a number 3 for me. I have lived outside of MD most of my life, but did live in Rockville for 3 years deep in the heart of Skins territory. However, this was from 1999-2002 so it was a good time for Ravens fans. With that said, I should answer the 2nd question since it applies to why I became and remain a Ravens fan.

    a) Where do you live? Hanover, PA.

    a1) Why are you a Ravens fan? I connect with cities, not franchises and I certainly do not connect with a team based on state lines. Baltimore is 50 miles from Hanover. Philly is 125 and Pittsburgh is 200 miles (just far enough to hide the smell). The local team is the Ravens without a doubt.

    b) When did you become one? My dad bought season tickets when they came back to town. I have been a fan ever since. I was probably a bigger college football fan than I was pro until the Ravens came to town. There is nothing like the NFL though and you can't help but love it when you go to the games.

    c) Who did you root for prior to being a Ravens' fan? My mom is from Chicago so I was a Bears fan. Found out pretty quick that if you are truly devoted to a team, you can really only be devoted to one team, even if they are in different conferences. I lost my allegience to the Bears during the '96 season and have never looked back. While I was pulling for them this year during the playoffs, I found it hard to root for a team QBd by Grossman. I guess it reminded me too much of the ugly scenes I have watched in Baltimore under Boller. However, I firmly believe Grossman is worse than Boller. I used to say the only difference was he did not fumble snaps and trip over his own feet but he took away that argument during the Super Bowl.

    d) How you are accepted in your community as a Ravens fan? Fine. However, there are far too many Steelers fans in the area that love to bitch and moan about the Ravens being on TV locally rather than the Steelers. Central PA is part of the Ravens territory and they are required to carry the all of the Ravens road games on local TV from Hanover up to Harrisburg. You can pretty much count on the Steeler fans complaining about this every year. The TV stations can show whatever games they chose when the Ravens are at home but this does not bother me as I am always at the games. I'd love to live in Baltimore just to have the one clear cut team. Hanover is more of a melting pot of smart people (Ravens fans) and morons (Steeler fans). Not so many Eagle fans but a few. Even some Redskin fans. However, I would say the Ravens and Steelers have the most by far.

    e) Where you go to watch Ravens games? I go to ever home game with a group of about 10 Ravens fans from Hanover. I've been to DC, Miami several times, Chicago, Pittsburgh and New Orleans for road games but I usually watch them on the road with my friends. Like I said, they are always on locally when they are on the road.


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