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Let me be the devil's advocate for a moment. What say you all about the scenario where he doesn't make it through the season. With the exception of Oakland and Cleveland, the first 6 games are tough. How many times have we looked past an easy opponent and lost in a big nasty way. I'm almost more worried about Oakland than the Bucs because of the team's penchant for waltzing into what should be easy games and losing.

So, in an 0-6 scenario, does Billick make it past the Bye week. Does JF take the reigns?

In this scenario I think Billick would definitely be gone, and as distasteful as it would be to me, Fassel would become interim coach.
I must say, I'm finding it very interesting how now that McNair is here we suddenly have a problem with the OL. Last year the prevailing belief seemed to be that it wasn't the OL at all but our inept quarterback. ;)