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    which 2/3 RBs do I start?

    I've got

    Jamal Lewis
    Duece McAllister (yes, some fucking moron dropped him over the winter)

    So...given we're playing Tampa, don't know about Jamal. Saints are playing Cleveland. have to start him...especially against oakland.

    So Lewis or McAllister this week?

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    Re: which 2/3 RBs do I start?

    McAlister, even if he's splitting carries he's going up against a Clowns D which was 30th in the league vs the run, even acquiring Ted Washington (overrated acquisition considering his age and the fact he can't really move) doesn't make you not start McAlister here.

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    Re: which 2/3 RBs do I start?

    I agree...Deuce is the play here. Jamal needs to prove he is healthy again before he is a must start every week again.


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    Re: which 2/3 RBs do I start?

    thanks, that's what i was thinking as well

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    Re: which 2/3 RBs do I start?

    I agree with the consensus; give McAllister the shot this weekend. But I'd expect less from him as the year goes on, and more from Jamal.


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