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- I sense a slight bit of homerism with the Ravens section, no way I'd start Clayton or Mason this week, Brian Kelly and Ronde Barber is a top notch corner combo, as with most of this year Heap is the only Raven I'd start in my FF teams.

- With the Bucs I'd be very tempted to start Alex Smith if I had him, for the last two or three years we've had a penchant for missing our assignments on TEs and particularly not closing them well if they run routes to the perimeters of the field, Smith's a good shot for some decent yardage this week I'd guess as Simms will have to throw plenty of dumpoffs.

- You're advising people to sit Losman? Who in their right mind would have him on their fantasy roster?

- Certainly disagree with the assessment of the Chiefs, I don't care if the Bungholes do key on the pass game, they don't have anyone who can take Gonzalez out of that game. I'd also start Green if you were in a ten or 12 team league as it's unlikely there'll be 12 to 15 QBs who have better chances than him this week against the Bunghole secondary.

- I don't buy into the Steven Davis thing in StL as much as some folks are seeming to, he's there as cover because they have nout else behind Jackson, Jackson is a big bruiser and unless he wears I don't think you'll see much of Davis and his zimmer frame. (JMO)

- I agree with starting K2W but he's essentially a rookie and what's more a rookie coming off two serious leg injuries, he could explode but I wouldn't expect too much from him just yet.

- What's the gold zone? Is this a new term on top of the Red Zone?

- Don't start Erron Kinney, he's currently listed on the Titans injury report as being OUT, keep an eye on that if anyone has him. LINK

Good column there, but I got the impression that he's either very conservative, is a very good drafter or isn't advising for bigger leagues where you can't afford to sit everyone who appears to have a bad matchup. Be interesting to know the typical league/lineup size that he is advising for in consideration of future articles.
I am advising for basic scoring leagues who use one quarterback, 2 running backs, three wide receivers, a TE, kicker and a defense, basically old school fantasy football. You can afford to sit players I advise to sit if you have a good bench. You have to play the match up every week. I felt Brandon jacobs was a better option then Tiki Barber this past week in leagues that value scoring more than yardage. Thanks again