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Fair enough. Let's look at another QBs stats from his first full season as a starter.

415 attempts
216 complete for 52% accuracy

2665 yards
6.42 YPA
14 TDs
13 INTs

70.4 QB rating.

I guess Steve McNair is the same as Boller and Grossman. Stats don't lie after all.

I would agree with this argument if McNair had not been so successful in the years following. In fact, I am not arguing that Boller wont end up having a better career than Mac.

What I am arguing is this idea that Boller is somehow better than Grossman, when there is no actual evidence. So far, after one complete season, they both are equally (or too close to distinguish) bad.

Of course an opposite argument can also be made that Grossman hasn't shown himself to be much better than Boller.