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    Re: To Those Concerned With Losing AD

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    Probably worth its own thread, but Donnie Edwards was just on ESPN News and totally TRASHED A.J. Smith and maintained that there is literally a 0% chance that he is a Charger next year...

    Now THIS is an intriguing guy to bring in IF we do lose AD (or, more preferably to me, deal Ray). He would replace some of that veteran leadership, and is one hell of a player, despite being old.
    There's something going on there. Edwards and Smith have been at each other for years.

    Smith has repeatedly tried to move Edwards even though Edwards is a good player and a popular one as well.

    Smith has made some great personnel moves over the years, but he must be a real headache to work with.


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    Re: To Those Concerned With Losing AD

    This is going to sound odd, but re-signing AD would hurt our chances at re-signing what to me has nwo become a more important player of ours. Pashos is a necessity to sign, much, much more importnat to the success of this team then is AD. We have such lttle deoth at the OLINE and continuity is the biggest predictor of success, so...

    I came to terms a while ago(before the season started( that AD would be moving on, but now as I sit here I jsut cannot fathom how far the team would fall if We fail to re=sign Pashos then Ogden decides to hang 'em up in camp. We could go right back to 6-10 like that.

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    Re: To Those Concerned With Losing AD

    Nailed it. AD is important, but not as important as a combined Tony Pashos, Ovie Mughelli, Jarret Johnson, etc. The stakes are too high to be sentimental.

    The goal is to *win*, not to field the world's most dominant crew of linebackers for the nth year in a row.

    His definitions and arguments were so clear in his own mind that he was unable to understand how any reasonable person could honestly differ with him.


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