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Ravens coach Brian Billick disagrees with a recent report from the Baltimore Sun that his recent contract extension with the team was a one-year deal worth $5.4 million. Under those terms, Billick would be signed through 2008 only.

"None of it's correct," Billick said Thursday night.

Though Billick wouldn't reveal the details, he called the contract a "substantial commitment" that "[a]bsolutely" extends beyond the 2008 season.

The Sun says that the Ravens, Raiders, and Patriots are the only three teams who keep quiet the basic terms of their coaches' contracts.

"We don't ever want my contract to be an issue for the organization or the players," Billick said. "It's best for the team for it not to be an issue."

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I think this is good news. I like Billick and the strides this team made once he took over the playcalling were great. The stability should lead to continued success.