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    Re: Iranian pres to come to NYC

    Nah. He is an articulate speaker, but only when no one is confronting him. Bush, and even the dim John Forbes Kerry, could easily pocket the little man in a debate because they are used to being confronted and responding articulately. Ahmadinejad would snap inside of 15 minutes of a real debate.

    And exactly what "interference" have we run in the Middle East that has caused violence? As I said in another thread, when will Big Media and the world pick up some common sense and hold these people personally responsible and accountable for their own actions? They loot, rape, torture, and slaughter EACH OTHER, turn around and blame US for that violence, and Big Media (and a political party that shall remain nameless) eats it up. It baffles those of us with common sense and who value personal responsibility and being held accountable for one's own actions.

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    Re: Iranian pres to come to NYC

    Also, something to know, almost all of Iran is Shite, Iraq is 1/2 shite
    In my opinion, both Iraq and Iran are 100% shite. But that's just me.

    Sorry for lowering the tone of the debate. Carry on.


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