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    Re: Welcome NEW UK / Eire Ravens Fans

    :haggisWelcome :haggis - looking forward to many chats and lots of ranting of course LOL - we will be filling a full flight to Baltimore in the not so distant future me thinks!!!

    I love that we are building a nice strong following on here!

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    Re: Welcome NEW UK / Eire Ravens Fans

    Quote Originally Posted by Irishraven View Post
    Excellent! You made it over to the best Ravens Forum out there!!

    Well, tell us all - why a Raven?
    Just realised that I haven't done this yet, and just posted this over on NFLuk, so here goes!

    Hey guys, I'm pretty new 'round here, so here's the story!

    I first got into the NFL with the International Series coming along. I had always had an interest, but I only properly began to learn the rules and the teams after these began. This year is the first time I've followed the Ravens as a 'real' fan, watching all the games and actually knowing the players in the team!

    I decided to follow the Ravens at the start of last season, looking out for results and such like. Reasons? Well, I've always been a defensively-minded player in every sport I've played, and was blown away by the D...the clincher was my addiction to the best TV series ever made, The Wire!

    Hobbies include football (Clyde FC), music and now baseball - still haven't chosen a team to follow, though my flatmate is from Boston and is a massive Red Sox fan, so it may well have to be them!
    Mind you, my flatmate is also a Pats fan...we watched the game in the local, fair to say he was humiliated!!!


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